Johnson students depict ‘Turning Points in History’

These hundreds of booths show high-schoolers’ work on what they see as pivotal historic people and events. (submitted photos)

More than 250 students participated in Johnson High School’s first annual History Day Fair Friday, Feb. 22.

Students’ topics included everything from suffragist Susan B. Anthony’s trial to the World War II Battle of Midway.

“Johnson students created exhibit boards and websites on topics of their choosing related to the 2013 theme of ‘Turning Points in History,’” explains Johnson Principal Astein Osei.

Five students’ projects were selected to compete in the regional History Day competition. They are:
• Nancy Yang -- Levi Strauss jeans
• Year Her -- the infant incubator
• Melanie Yang -- Twiggy
• Yue Pheng Yang -- history of the automobile
• PaKou Xiong -- D-Day.

History Day is a national competition involving thousands of students in middle and high schools.

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