Top gold buyer Truman Company is now purchasing estates & collectibles as well

Roger Westerling, left, with Sonny, and former intern, now fulltime employee Aiden Kelly, and Asher Tristani at Truman Coin in Roseville.

Roger Westerling of the Truman Company has been in the business of buying and selling coins and precious metals for more than 40 years. His love of coins began early, in high school, working in his uncle Truman’s shop.   

“The excitement of it, the different things and the history, because I’ve always liked history,” Westerling says, explaining why coins first appealed to him. 

Westerling came to Minnesota in 1998 as a representative for a southern California coin company and his task was to catalog an extensive coin collection. 

“It was a very large deal in the vault area of the main Wells Fargo Bank downtown. It took me a week to process and figure it, and I ended up staying.”

He opened his current shop in 2010 in Roseville, a location he describes as very secure and convenient, that “works well for what we do.”

The Truman Company offers a wide variety of services going beyond buying and selling coins. Free appraisals, a successful eBay business, transferring IRAs from dollars into precious metals, and making house calls are just some of the unique services the staff offers. Westerling also travels to coin shows searching for rare collector items for customers completing high-grade sets. 

“We’re not like the cookie-cutter, retail coin shops. We cater to people’s needs. We’re more specialty,” Westerling says. 

Truman Co Buys:
•Fine Jewelry
•Scrap Jewelry
•Wedding Rings
•Sterling Silver Items
•Sterling Silverware
•Dental Gold
•Scrap Gold & Silver
•US Coins & Currency
•World Coins & Currency
•Select Antiques & Collectibles
•Railroad Items
•Costume Jewelry
•Pocket Watches
•Wrist Watches
•Fountain Pens
•Military Items
•Fine Art
•Political Items
•Sports Memorabilia
•Antique Toys
•Lunch Boxes
•War Items
•Comic Books
•Train Sets
•And Much More!

With more stopping by every year, the Truman Company has expanded its hours to accommodate walk-in customers and folks interested in estate sales. And their long-standing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is a testament of their commitment to customer service.

“I just want to do things the right way,” Westerling says. “That’s all I want to do, just buy and sell coins and make people happy -- and be very competitive, which we are.”

Part of being competitive is adapting the business.

“We’ve morphed into collectibles and estate purchasing, aside from everything else that we’ve always done,” Westerling says. He notes that people will inherit a loved one’s home, but have no idea of the value of the household goods, and have little interest in keeping Grandma’s sterling tea set, prized china or antiques.

“We’ve been into peoples’ houses to buy antiques -- we buy everything -- and the challenge is that you don’t know if you are going to go in and buy $20 worth of stuff or $20,000 worth. You have no idea.”

The Truman Company is a licensed Minnesota bullion coin dealer through the Department of Commerce. Minnesota is the only state that requires dealers to become licensed, so all of Truman’s employees have passed background checks and the company has a state-required surety bond in place for customer protection. 

During his four-plus decades in the business, Westerling has built a database of more than 5,000 customers, which he says allows him to quote and offer the right prices to buy items. 

“I have many different avenues to go with the product that a lot of people don’t,” Westerling explains. “And I can compete with the large national companies because of my connections.”

The Truman Company remains a reputable, reliable choice for buying and selling coins and precious metals because, as Westerling says, “We’re not reinventing the wheel; we’re not doing brain surgery; we’re just trying to treat people very fair. 

“I want people to feel comfortable when they come in.”

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