Johnston | Martineau, PLLP: Roseville’s one-stop shop for all of your legal needs

Roseville community lawyers Chris Johnston,left, and Chris Martineau of Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P.

This coming March, the law firm Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P. will celebrate its 10th year of providing quality law services. 

The door of their convenient location in Roseville Professional Center reads, ‘Walk-Ins Welcome,’ and attorneys Chris Johnston and Chris Martineau truly mean it. 

“Lawyers don’t usually get walk-in cases and we get several per week which is good for us and for our clients,” says Johnston. “And we’re always happy to see them.”

They strive to be Roseville’s go-to law firm on any and all legal issues -- from motorcycle accidents to estate planning, and even offer free notary. 

“We’re a general practice firm, but we have individual lawyers who each specialize in a particular practice area,” Johnston says. 

Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P. see themselves as the Roseville community’s legal resource. Johnston, a Roseville resident, says both attorneys pride themselves on their involvement with the local community as longtime, ongoing sponsors of local events including the Roseville summer concert series and New Year’s Eve on Ice.

The lawyers have their various specialties, but if there is something they cannot do they are able to recommend and refer you to another professional.  

“We can handle just about anything, whatever your legal needs are, feel free to call or just come in,” Johnston adds. 

Specializing in:
•Mesothelioma litigation
•Personal Injury
•Estate Planning
•Family Law
•Issues with Bill/Debt Collectors

Nothing’s too small

Both Johnston and Martineau say what they enjoy about the law is the opportunity to help people. Martineau got his start in law working for an insurance company fresh out of college. There he had the opportunity to see the interactions between insurance, the companies and regular people. Seeing the behind-the-scenes workings of this world led him to want to help the less powerful. 

“A lot of what we do is the little guy against the big guy. I know its cliché but I do enjoy putting the common man on equal footing with corporations. And even just guiding people through the day-to-day of a case, I also like that part of it,” Johnston says.

Both lawyers say they work well together because of the flexibility and freedom allowed after so many years of partnership. 

“We both understand that we have families and we give each other the freedom and flexibility to spend time with them,” Martineau says.

“But also we get to be creative with each other,” Johnston adds. “Its not just freedom and flexibility personally, but professionally. If we want to do something, we’re a small and nimble operation. And if we see a client need that we don’t personally do, we can change and add something two hours later. Because of our business structure, we can change things quickly, which is nice.”

Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P. have a reputation for being adaptable in this way. Johnston says he loves unusual cases, unusual fact patterns and stuff that other lawyers look at and go, “no, its too weird, too complicated.” 

So whatever your legal needs may be, stop by Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P.. As Johnston says, “We’re in a community location, easy to get to, come on in. We’re always happy to see you.”

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