Brausen Auto: The third generation is here to fix your car

Ted Brausen took over the family auto repair business from his father, Joe, (left). Ted’s wife, Cherri, is in charge of bookkeeping and his son, Jake, is a service manager at the Arden Hills location.

Nearly a half-century after Joe Brausen opened his first Amoco station, Brausen Auto has grown into a thriving community business with four metro service centers. 

Ted Brausen took over his father’s shop when he was only 17 years old and now his son Jake, the third generation of Brausens, is stepping up to the plate. 

Jake started working in the family’s Arden Hills gas station stocking shelves and cashiering, and after a few years moved on to working in the repair center where he began by changing oil and vacuuming cars. 

“I kind of got addicted to the family business and never left,” he says.

Jake says that he loves being in the driver’s seat because he has more time to spend with customers and employees. Instead of rushing around worrying about the small tasks, he says he can sit down with patrons and “make sure they’re getting handled the way we want them to be, and they’re happy.”

Customer service is a high priority for the Brausens. Ted says he wants customers to be taken care of and treated fairly. He stresses the latter saying, “We’re not looking for that one-time customer. We’re looking for families of generations.”

“A good rule of thumb is that it’s cheaper and better for us to keep a good customer than get new ones,” Jake adds. 

He says when they hire a new employee, they look for strong people skills and an ability to communicate. “We can teach new employees about cars and being a salesman down the road. But we need them to have the thing we can’t teach; that’s the ability to go above and beyond for somebody.”

Brausen Auto’s convenient Dale Street location has built a strong reputation for service and reliability in the Roseville area. The technicians are skilled at working on American and imported vehicles, and they recycle all waste oil, antifreeze, other fluids, batteries, tires and lights. 

The Brausen repair shops use low-energy lighting and high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, and technicians inspect every vehicle to inform their customers if they are “certified green.” 

Many employees are professionally certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence as master technicians.

“Other shops or dealerships have one or two ASE Master technicians. At every one of my sites all of the technicians are ASE certified. I’d put any of my guys up against any No. 1 dealership guy in a heartbeat,” Jake says. 

The Brausens offer a full-service commitment to anything they do. They fully stand behind their work, offer warranties, and take pride in their service. If someone buys tires, the caring doesn’t stop once they’re mounted on the car. 

“We’re concerned more about a customer’s car and tires than about their dollars,” Ted says. “We’re concerned about your family; so we’re going to check your brakes, check your front end. We’re going to make sure those tires are going to last. Because we actually care about it.”

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