St. Rose of Lima makes selecting a school an easy choice

Above, students mix fun and education through different props, including these hats. Below, St. Rose students make friends and form bonds with classmates.

Recess at St. Rose of Lima happens even in the snow, letting kids have a chance to play in between lessons.

St. Rose of Lima hosts a book fair every year, giving students a chance to have new things to read.

A good education is crucial in any child’s development, which makes choosing the right school such a key decision. 

The staff at St. Rose of Lima Catholic School know just how important education is as a foundation for future success in a child’s life, and do everything they can to help make their school an easy choice for parents.

Having celebrated its 75th anniversary in September 2015, St. Rose of Lima has a long tradition of providing quality classroom experiences for youngsters across northern Ramsey County. 

Over $77,000 was raised through grants and donations during the school’s anniversary festivities, and this money is being used for various school updates such as purchasing new computers, strengthening the building’s Wi-Fi infrastructure and improving curriculums.

The K-8 school offers Spanish, music, art, physical education and computer programs in addition to basic educational classes. There are also half- and full-day pre-K programs. 

St. Rose of Lima also differs from public schools in that it offers religion and faith programs. It also has a spirit-partner program in which older students meet with younger students to do fun projects as well as mentoring them in their faith. 

Although St. Rose of Lima is a Catholic school, students of all faiths are welcome to enroll. 

Community service is one of St. Rose of Lima’s core values. The school has a number of ongoing service programs, including working with Keystone Food Bank, Feed My Starving Children and missionary groups. 

With the money raised for the 75th anniversary, the teachers and students are planning to expand their community service outreach. Principal Mark Blomgren explains, “We want to connect with the community to help make Roseville a better place.”

This dedication to service can be seen within the walls of the school as well. “The teachers at St. Rose of Lima go above and beyond to meet the needs of the students wherever they are at,” Blomgren says. 

He adds that most teachers have taught at St. Rose of Lima for 15 years or more. Many of them attended St. Rose as kids and believed so strongly in the values of the school that they came back to teach.

St. Rose of Lima believes strongly in the importance of keeping class sizes small, so that students can receive individual attention. The average class has only 16 students. This allows for teachers to know students personally and cater to their various learning needs. 

Blomgren is also a visible presence in the school, frequently checking in on students and helping in classrooms.

Parents are an integral part of the school community, too. There are various committees such as athletic booster club, home and school, budget, development, and marketing that are largely run by parents. Doing so allows for them to have a significant say in what happens at the school. 

Blomgren emphasizes that the school is more than just the students and staff. “Students, parents, teachers, parish community and parish staff all come together to make up the school’s community.”

St. Rose of Lima Catholic School truly sets itself apart from other suburban schools. 

Its quality education, secure campus, small class sizes, commitment to community service, and dedication to strong one-on-one communication make St. Rose of Lima an ideal choice for any parents wanting to enroll their children in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.



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