North American Banking Company: focusing on that personal touch

North American Banking Company’s Roseville location underwent renovations to make the space reflect the changing way people are doing their banking.

When was the last time the CEO of a banking corporation gave you their card with his direct line phone number? 

Or the president of the bank walked up to you in casual jeans and patted you on the back?

Well, at North American Banking Company they like to do things a little differently. And it has been paying off for the financial institution and its customers in a big way. 

Michael Bilski and Bradley Huckle started North American Banking Company in 1998, opening their first branch in Roseville. In fewer than 20 years they have spread to four branches and have built a loyal following among their customers. 

Bilski is the CEO, and Huckle is the president of the company. 


The bank, the customer base, and the people who work at North American Banking Company have become a pretty close-knit group. Many of the people who work for the company have been there since the beginning, and consider themselves friends of Bilski and Huckle. 

Their success has been built upon combining modern technology and banking methods with an in-depth familiarity with their customers. When customers see Bilski’s truck parked out front, they’re sure to drop by to say hello. 

There is nothing stodgy about the bank and its staff. Over the past few months they have been doing a complete remodel of their Roseville location to accommodate the changing way people are doing their banking. The older model of bank tellers behind glass and a formal division between bankers and customers is giving way to more personal attention, combined with the convenient features that modern technology provides. 

The redesign is centered on helping customers become more familiar with all the options available to them. The bank staff can help customers learn how to use their computers, phones and tablets to navigate their accounts, pay their bills, and even do things like make deposits without having to drive to the bank. They are able to do their banking at any hour — day or night — if they like. 

“One of the major areas our remodeling addressed is how we engage with our customers. We no longer require the traditional teller line. Instead we look to create spaces for more intimate, one-on-one interactions between banker and customer,” Bilski says. 

Taking the time and making the effort to educate customers face to face on all the exciting new banking technologies is something North American Banking Company is well placed to do. They already know their customers by name, and vice-versa. 

Perhaps that’s why they have such a loyal customer base, and get most of their business by personal referrals. There is just no way for a huge banking conglomerate to develop the same kind of customer relationships as North American Banking Company can. 


Bilski takes pride in that fact. Looking out at his customers and employees working together, he smiles. “That’s what I love about this business. It’s people helping their friends achieve their goals.” 




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