Your accidental neighborhood sports bar

Lynn and Troy Natus are the mother-son team behind Mama Tís Castle Tap.

In 2015, the mother and son team of Troy and Lynn Natus bought Brady’s on Rice Street and turned it into Mama T’s Castle Tap. 

“We’re still trying to figure out why we bought it,” Troy jokes, with Lynn chiming in, “We really don’t know why we bought it!”

Mama T’s manager Danielle Bauer offers an answer.

“I know why,” she says, “because you wanted somewhere to watch football and have a good time.”

Troy and Lynn kicked around the idea of buying a bar together for a long time, but they always hesitated — it wasn’t until last year that opportunity knocked again, when they both decided to go for it. Lynn would lean on her previous experience as a bar owner, and Troy would come in with the goal of learning the ropes.

The Natus’ aren’t new to Rice Street — Lynn says they have been Rice Street residents all their lives. 

As for the name, Mama T’s Castle Tap comes from the family’s history with the Winter Carnival. In 2010, Troy was Prince of the North Wind, also known as Titan. Lynn affectionately became Mama Titan, which, in turn, became Mama T. 

The part about taps came in because Lynn and Troy planned to serve lots of local beers. Right now, there are 10 taps, and both say the hope is to bring it up to 12.

Mama T’s is expanding its lunch menu to include soup and hot sandwiches, with plans to offer more food options, as well. Let it be known that jumbo tacos are available on Saturdays.

There’s also the “Wanda Special” — it’s a Bloody Mary named after Wanda, a 30-year bartending veteran — which comes topped with a White Castle Slider.

Troy says there’s no better place on Rice Street to watch a sporting event, and with its nine TVs, Mama T’s became a sports bar.

Says Lynn with a chuckle: “It sort of turned into a sports bar without us trying to turn it into a sports bar.”



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