Applewood Pointe Co-op features easy living, pride of ownership

Applewood Pointe Co-op is an active community with different activities like morning coffee where members can bring different pastries and breakfast items.

Bill Beutel is one member at Applewood Pointe New Brighton who utilizes the hobby shop, conveniently located in the garage of the building.

Ray Lucas has been president of the Board of Directors for three years. Fellow members nominated him for the position.

Applewood Pointe Cooperative of New Brighton opened its doors a decade ago, and some of its current residents were on the waiting list before the senior housing complex was even completed.

Ray Lucas, a co-op member and president of its board of directors  remembers when he and his wife decided to move back to Minnesota. They looked into Applewood Pointe, a residence for active adults age 55 and older, and were impressed. 

“We bought into the co-op in 2005, before construction was even started,” Ray says. 

He says downsizing and choosing Applewood Pointe’s more carefree lifestyle was the best decision he and his wife could have made at this point in their lives. 

With cooperative living, members purchase a share, or unit in the cooperative. Members pay a monthly fee and take part in the governing of the cooperative.

Moving into a co-op makes for easy living — you don’t have to worry about maintenance or security, and there’s a community feeling that comes with living in a co-op.

“The people that come here want to continue to be involved in life,” Russ Tall, another co-op member, says.

When looking at co-ops, Ray and his wife were attracted to the idea of Applewood being a small community. While they had looked into the idea of a townhouse, Ray says they don’t regret moving into an engaged, lively co-op.

Here, they know their neighbors, and those neighbors became friends.

Applewood Pointe is an active community as well. Members can take part in sports, games, cards, book clubs and more. Russ says there is something fun to do every day.

One year, residents even had an impromptu blizzard party after the first big snowstorm of the year. The residents spontaneously celebrated the fact that none of them had to shovel a sidewalk or power up a snowblower to clear off the driveway. 

With 120 units, there are plenty of floor plans to pick from — if a unit opens up.

Located on Old Highway 8 and Highway 96, Applewood Pointe is close to several outdoor amenities — the complex sits on roughly 700 feet of shoreline along Rush Lake, and is near Long Lake Regional Park.


Reasons to celebrate 10 years at Applewood Pointe

• Members are enthused and engaged in the co-op.

• Homes have been fully occupied throughout the decade.

• Visitors call APNB “most attractive senior living.”

• Applewood Pointe housing units held their value, even during recession.

• Refinancing lowered mortgage interest rate to 2.52 percent.

• Strategic moves left monthly fees lower than year one.

• Aging of Boomers assures a bulge of potential buyers.

• A long-range plan aims at continued success.

The building itself is full of exceptional amenities as well, complete with a sunroom, craft room, game room, fitness center, heated garage, building security system, library, spa, sauna, carwash and a great room with a kitchen.

An added bonus is the hobby shop on the garage level. All of the tools in the shop have been donated. Member Bill Beutel says residents can do anything from cabinet making to woodcarving. Some people work on their own projects, while others repair things for the co-op. 

Nearly every month there is an open house, giving visitors a chance to tour Applewood Pointe and learn more about affordable cooperative living. Ray says as more people find out about this hassle-free lifestyle, the more people are interested in it.

“It’s enthusiastic. It’s where people are interested in doing things together,” Ray says. 

“You move from one community to another — the Applewood Pointe community.”

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